Author Guidlines

Author Guidelines

1. Document: On the border of Islamic education, non-plagiarism, Never and never published in another journal, Prioritized based on empirical research, Written in Indonesian or Language English (using Microsoft Word , Times New Roman 12, 1 space, A-4)

2. Enter to:

3. The identity of the letters requires; title, author's full name, affiliation, email, abstract (150-250 words, minimum contains; objectives, methods, research results, conclusions, impact), and keywords (3-5 words).

4. The content of an empirical research paper consists of an introduction , method , Results Findings and Discussion, Conclusion, and Bibliography .

5. Introduction which consists of background, literature review (to compile state of the art), objectives and problem formulation, written in one chapter without subtitles.

6. The method consists of a description of the type of research, data collection, data sources, types of data, and data analysis. Written in paragraph form.

7. Results and Discussion inform a number of important (original) field data obtained from questionnaires, surveys, documents, interviews, observations and other data collection techniques. Can be supplemented with tables or graphs to clarify the results. All figures and tables must be centered and numbered sequentially. The table (see Table 1, Table 2,…) must be presented above the center-aligned table. Descriptive titles are placed after the table titles (see Table 1, Table 2,…) above each table. Table resources must be placed on the table with proper alignment. Figures and tables must be mentioned in the related text.

8. Conclusion : Write down the results of the research in a concise and clear manner then describe the logical consequences in developing the science and practice of Islamic education. Conclusion is not indented and uses Garamond 12 in bold.

9. The bibliography consists of references and citations referring to
the sixth edition of the APA style using the management references (Mendeley/Zotero/Endnote).