Publication Etics

Dahzain Nur : Jurnal Pendidikan, Keislaman, dan Kemasyarakatan is peer-reviewed journal . Statement This clarify behavior ethical all involved parties _ in action publishing articles in journals This as well as guess violation research , incl writer , leader editorial board , editorial board , peer- reviewers , and publisher . Statement This based on Guidelines Practice Best of COPE for Journal Editors .

Guidelines Ethics Publication Journal

Publication articles on Dahzain Nur : Jurnal Pendidikan, Keislaman, dan Kemasyarakatan under review colleague is base important in development network coherent knowledge _ And respected . this _ is reflection direct from quality work writer And institutions that support it . Reviewed article _ colleague support And realize method scientific . By Because that 's important For agreed standard behavior expected ethics _ for all involved parties _ in action publishing : author , journal editor , peer reviewer, publisher , and society .

STAI YAPIS Takalar as publisher journal Dahzain Nur : Jurnal Pendidikan, Keislaman dan Kemasyarakatan  operate task guardianship on all stage publishing with very seriously , and we realize not quite enough answer ethics And not quite enough answer other . We are committed For ensure that advertising , printing repeat , or income commercial other No impact or influential to editorial decisions .

Accusation Violation Study

Violation study means counterfeiting , - counterfeiting , manipulation quote , or plagiarism in produce , perform , or review study And writing article by author , or in report results research . If writer is known involved in violation study or deviation Serious others that involve articles that have published in a journal scientific , Editor in charge answer For ensure accuracy And integrity notes scientific .

If there is guess offense , Editor and The Editorial Board will use practice best COPE for help they finish complaint And handle violation the in a manner fair . this _ will covers investigation on accusations made _ by Editors. Submitted manuscript _ And found contain violation the will rejected . In case where _ published papers _ found contain violation thereof , repeal can published And will associated with article original .

Step First involve determination validity accusation And evaluation is accusation the consistent with definition error research . Step beginning This Also involve determination is reporting individual _ violation have conflict relevant interests . _

If There is possibility happening error scientific or exists deviation study substantial others , accusations the be delivered to writer related , that, above Name all colleague author , requested For give response detailed . After response accepted And evaluated , review addition And involvement para expert ( eg reviewer statistics ) can obtained . For cases where _ violation No Possible happened , clarification , analysis addition , or both , published in form letter to the editor, and often include _ announcement correct And correct to published articles _ Already enough .

Institution expected do proper investigation _ And thorough to guess violation scientific . On finally , author , journal , and institution have obligation important For ensure accuracy notes scientific . With respond in a manner appropriate worries about error scientific and _ take necessary action _ based on evaluation on worries such , like correction , repeal with replacement , and repeal , journal Dahzain Nur will Keep going fulfil not quite enough answer For ensure validity And integrity . from notes scientific .

Decision publication

Dahzain Editor Nur : Journal Islamic education is responsible answer For cut it off article which one is submitted to journal must published . Validation the work in question And importance for researcher And reader must always push decision the . Editors can guided by policy journal editorial board And restricted by condition applicable law _ related pollution Name OK , violation right create , and plagiarism . Editors can negotiate with another editor or reviewer in take decision this .

Complaint and Appeal

Dahzain Nur : Journal Islamic education will own clear procedure _ in handle complaint to journal , Editorial Staff , Editorial Board , or Publisher . Complaint the will clarified to respected personnel _ about case complaints . Room scope complaint covers all something related _ with business processes journal , for example the editorial process, manipulation citations found , editors/reviewers who do n't fair , peer-reviewed manipulation ,